H шаблоны плаката для corel draw

Next, I will create a horizon line effect for the lettering by creating two rectangles overtop of the lettering. Now, I will create a yellow .3″ contour around the lettering. It can be any color. I chose yellow to make it easier to see what I’m doing in the next step. After that, I assign a dark green color to those shapes. It’s now time to add some lettering. It is a sign after all. I went with a nice clean serif font. It’s easy to read and traditional looking, and will match the style of the house nicely. Then with the Rectangle tool, I create two short rectangles at the tops of each post, then a triangle above that to illustrate the very simple post caps for this sign. I then assign colors to the posts using colors found on the building’s paint job.

Скачать: W78SS-01U.PDF

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